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Sweet Intro About SK Tiles

At SK Tiles and Sanitary, we help to form icons, we help to create marvels and our products feature in a number of the foremost iconic buildings within the world. We are known for our wide product range and our ability to supply bespoke ranges for both small and huge-scale projects, enabling our clients to bring their ideas to life.


Our vision

We respect, we inspire, we improve, we deliver; today, tomorrow, regardless of the ambition, regardless of the challenge, at SK Tiles and Sanitary we lookout of all the small print, however large or small, so you don’t need to.

Our passion

Our passion and expertise combined with this careful attention to detail enable us to supply you with a good range of integrated ceramics solutions, allowing you the liberty to be creative and many of room for imagination.

The Collection

Unique Range

SK Tiles offers a unique range of products.

Made in India

SK Tiles has carved out its whole bouquet of products right on the Indian soil.

Ultimate Finish

We provides products which have ultimate finishes

Our Products

Digital Wall Tiles

Why Choose Us

We have a wide range of sanitary products. With great design and distinctive style, these sanitary products are destined to create spectacular metropolitan environments.

We embrace innovation in product design, style and form with a respect for the environment, producing stunning tile ranges including low embodied carbon and high recycled content, all at the cutting edge of technology.

We position our clients at the forefront of their field by advancing an agenda.

Over the span of the last 4 years in the tiles market, I have witnessed a dynamic landscape characterized by notable shifts and trends. The industry has evolved significantly, embracing innovations in design, technology, and sustainability.

Tile Size

Tile size is a crucial aspect in interior design and construction, playing a pivotal role in determining the overall aesthetic and functionality of a space. The size of tiles can significantly impact the perception of a room, with larger tiles generally creating a sense of spaciousness and continuity, while smaller tiles can add intricate details and visual interest. The choice of tile size also depends on the specific area of application; for instance, large-format tiles are often favored for expansive floor surfaces, as they minimize grout lines and contribute to a seamless look. On the other hand, smaller tiles are commonly used in intricate patterns for backsplashes, shower walls, and accent areas. Beyond aesthetics, tile size influences practical considerations such as installation complexity and maintenance. Striking a balance between functionality and design preferences is key when selecting the ideal tile size for any given space.

To review means to look back over something for evaluation or memory.

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