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Factors Driving Vitrified Tile Market Popularity

Looking for the greatest tiles to decorate the floors or walls of your home? There are many different types of tiles on the market, and each one has pros and cons of its own. It is possible to choose any tile by determining your needs and specific variables that assist in choosing the correct tile for your home.

However, vitrified tiles have been dominating the market lately. Customers or distributors may be looking for these tiles for a variety of reasons. Thanks to the wide range of options this design offers, vitrified flooring tiles now dominate other tile designs on the market. Are you still debating whether to purchase the best type of vitrified tile?

Simply scroll down to learn about the various reasons why vitrified floor and wall tiles are so popular in the market.

1. Outstanding quality

When it comes to quality tiles, vitrified flooring tiles are unquestionably the best. They are made from the best raw materials and can absorb up to 0.5% of their weight in water. Natural stones such as granite and marble are inconsistent, and wooden floors require excessive upkeep. Vitrified flooring tiles, on the other hand, are created using high-tech machinery that creates tiles that are consistent in performance, shade, and size. The double-charged vitrified floor tiles are the best example of quality vitrified flooring tiles because they are extremely durable and strong. As a result,

2. Durability

Moreover, compared to other tiles available in the market such as granite and ceramic tiles, stoneware tiles are durable. Glazed floor tiles may be thinner than other tiles, but they are extremely strong and durable. They are very strong in terms of mechanical strength. Even with low maintenance, it will always look new and clean after decades of use. Stoneware tiles are dirt repellent, water repellent and scratch resistant. Perfect for any space as it can handle heavy loads on a regular basis. Long-lasting gloss, texture and color contribute to tile durability and improve quality.

3. Extended flooring

The main purpose of laying tiles in your home or office is to protect. Also, glazed floor tiles are designed based on technological advances that expand a variety of design options including matte, satin, metallic, rustic, stone and digital printing. Tiles have the ability to absorb heat, keeping the temperature of your home cooler. Again, the glazed floor tiles are also available in large format which maintains a contemporary design which increases the consistency of the tiles. The thickness of the tiles and the sheer size of the tiles can change the overall look of your home and flooring. They are hard and polished in different sizes and shapes, so they come with an extended version that covers the entire floor covering.

4. Easy and fast maintenance

Glazed floor tiles are very popular on the list of low maintenance tiles on the market. It has properties such as water resistance and stain resistance. This reduces the effort required to clean tiles, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Stoneware tiles are ideal for places that need to be very hygienic. It also has allergen resistance and antibacterial properties that prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. This makes the whole environment safe and clean. You don’t need to use harsh chemicals to clean the tiles, so it’s easy to clean with a mop, water and floor cleaner. It is also non-slip and reduces the chance of accidents.

5. Variety of shapes, textures and designs

Just enter the market and you will come across a variety of stoneware tiles. This category has a wide variety of designs, textures, shapes and shades, perfect for any space. Again, digitally printed stoneware tiles have taken this category to a new level. All kinds of stoneware tiles are available in different finishes and shapes, such as: Bringing the latest designs to your home or commercial space, including matte, high gloss, sugar, wood punching and carving. On the other hand, suppliers, distributors, or even interior designers may request custom-made stoneware floor tiles to add a personal touch to their interiors. The glazed floor tiles can be customized with any texture, such as natural stone texture, brick texture, glass texture, wood texture, which enhances the tile’s versatility.

6. Easy and inexpensive to install

Stoneware tiles are the first choice for various customers as they are very easy to lay. Compared to other designs and types of tiles on the market, glazed floor tiles are thin, ready to use and have a polished texture. This eliminates the time it takes to configure other tiles after installation. Stoneware tiles can be walked on after just a few hours of laying. Again, glazed floor tiles are less expensive compared to traditional tile options such as wood, granite, or even marble. It is also easier to install and maintain, reducing maintenance and other costs.

According to SK Tiles, one of the best glazed floor tile manufacturers in India, glazed floor tiles add an artistic touch to your floors. They are very durable and affordable in terms of maintenance and installation. And this is what attracts even interior designers and architects to choose glazed floor tiles for their particular projects.Professionals are always the safest option when given the space to express their creativity. but this is only possible on stoneware tiles.

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